Who We Are

Extreme Concrete was founded by Jon Baerg and Darin Wiebe. Both young and energetic, had come from family farms in the Linden area. Being used to working long hard hours on the the farm, the nature of the construction industry was not a deterrent.

Jon and Darin had built a relationship at a previous company doing residential construction. Both completing their Carpentry trade at Red Deer College. In 2008, after the hiccup in the markets, the local construction industry slowed but the continued need for concrete finishers was still apparent. That year was finished out with a few small concrete projects.

In March of 2009, Jon and Darin decided to partner in creating Extreme Concrete. Starting out with limited tools and resources, it began small. Together with the strong support of the community and the dedication of completing projects, Extreme Concrete was able to expand into larger agricultural and commercial projects.

Today, as we continue to grow, we stay true to our core values and ethic that got us to where we are today. We believe that the success of our longstanding employees and the high number of repeat clients, are a testament of the foundation that Extreme Concrete Inc. was built on.